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Let me help you to elevate your success in your homeopathic practice or home prescribing.

 let me help you to elevate your sucess in your practice or home prescribing  

 Is it time to upgrade your knowledge?


This is not to say that your knowledge is not already great! But how about if I was going to help you see things in a different light? And that knowledge gave you access to a deeper understanding of homeopathy and its foundations. Imagine how this could translate into having the success that the Banerjies have in their practice or I have in mine!

I was once like you, fresh out of homeopathic school and have been taught the foundations that would be the framework of my practice. Or as a beginner trying to self-prescribe for my family learning from books or even my own homeopaths. If I only started with the knowledge I had today! Things would have been very different. But you can, and that is why I have put this course together so that you can have an updated knowledge of the old teachings and solid and logically deducted foundations for homepathy.

I want you to prescribe with confidence.

Can you imagine if you had enough knowledge to be able to join all of the tiny dots to see the bigger picture? 


A solid foundation

based on advanced thinking is logically deducted, not based on fear or dogmas ( and let’s face it! self-help groups of homeopathy online are not the most reliable sources).

The progressive integration 

of the different philosophical aspects of homeopathy through time. Because, let’s face it, homeopathy did not stop progressing 200 years ago!

Freedom to explore

different theories and put them into practice. After all, science is the cumulative result of knowledge, and this is no different from homeopathy. Why would it be?




Dosing Mastery The Advanced

Enrolment now closed

this course!

Dosing Mastery at a glance:

Dosing Mastery The Advanced is an in-depth course to understand my methodology and dosing in general in a wider context, through philosophical aspects of homoeopathy and visionary homoeopaths just like me that set the foundations of what I do today. The course will tie in with the Dosing Mastery Foundations course and serve as a stand-alone for those who want to understand my philosophy of practice.

  • Modules 4-6 + Intro Module
  • 10 Professionally Recorded Concise Video Content Lessons
  • 8 Downloadable Guided Workbooks
  • 1 Masterclass Lecture
  • 3 Complete Module Transcripts
  • Over 25 Supporting Materials  
  • 2 Module Assessments
  • 3 Annotated Case Studies 
  • Extensive Further Reading Lists
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  •  Access to members-only Support Consultations
  • Access to OHM Pharmacy and 15% off all orders
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Completely self paced, online learning
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access forever!

teach me

My Methodology

Module 4:

This Module Covers:

  • The age-old question: is it ok to give more than one remedy at a time? All about Layers+ how this applies to the Banerji Protocols
  • Discover the benefits ( and how to improve your success rates) of prescribing more than one remedy at a time. I will show you several models used through homeopathic history so you can feel confident using several remedies in parallel.
  • Learn about remedy relationships and how they work. And yes! I have included a booklet to help you recognise the most frequent remedy relationships.
  • If you would like a peek into my mindset about working on my particular methodology system, then this module is for you!
  • Learn a few simple tweaks about dosing with the Banerji Protocols. When to change lines, and which remedies can be repeated more often or why exact potency matters.
  • I will help you to understand different layers in the case and how the remedies relate to each other. 

teach me


Module 5:

This Module Covers:

  • Find out the truth about aggravations and provings
  • I am going to help you prescribe with confidence by debunking many things you probably have already learned in your homeopathic journey
  • Learn a brand new dimension into what really is a homeopathic antidote!
  • Scared of using the Banerji Protocols? We will explore them in relation to the basis of homeopathic history.
  • Learn the straight facts with evidence so you can discern true and false information

teach me

Module 6:

Case studies

This Module Covers:

  • I will share with you 3 case studies, two chronic and one acute, where I will show you step by step the thinking rationale behind every dosing change.
  • Each case will include the prescription, analysis of the remedies in each follow-up and case analysis in relation to dosing.
  • This module will help you see into practice Dosing Mastery + the integrated teaching method in place

  • Introduction Module with 5 guiding Resources to help you get the most out of the course
  • 10 Professionally recorded Concise video content lessons
  • 8 downloadable guided workbooks
  • Masterclass lecture for a peek inside Cristina's mind and  methodology
  • 3 complete module transcripts
  • Over 25 Supporting materials in the form of infographics, flowcharts, lists, Recommendations, guides and diagrams
  • 2 Module Assessments
  • 3 Annotated case studies with detailed Explanations on prescriptions, strategy for dosing and rational for every aspect of the case.
  • Extensive further reading list
  • Completely Self paced online learning
  • 24/7 lifetime access to the course forever!

Let's take a look inside at what you get:

This online course was professionally complied by Cristina and her team, so you can be sure that this course was designed by not just experts in homeopathy but also experts in  the Psychology of education, The science of technology and the art of content creation.

What is inside the course? 

All included!

Let’s take a peek at the extras you’re going to get when you enrol; all are included in the course for free to give you all the possible tools and support for you to Master Dosing with ease:

We give you all the tools you will need to succeed!

Let's talk bonuses!

All Students of the Villacorta academy have access to Cristina’s support consultations for a 1:1 session with Cristina to answer any questions about any of the courses you have taken or for extra support.

  •  Members only access for just £175 (usually Valued at £250!)
  • 1:1 teaching time with Cristina
  • Unlimited booking opportunities (book as many teaching consultations as you need!)


Access to Cristina's Support consultations


Expertly Curated Support Materials

Bonus helpsheets, downloadable info-graphics, guided workbooks and practical illustrations to help consolidate your knowledge and guide you through your learning journey. 

  • Over 30 Supporting Materials In The Form Of Infographics, Flowcharts, Lists, Recommendations, Guides And Diagrams
  • Examples include: Cristina's own Cell Salts Guide, pharmacy recommendations and dry to liquid manual
  • Cristina's Plan of Action package (including Plan of action template , and completed example) based on her unique methodology to help you dose like Cristina!
Get a sneak peek
The Remedy relationships bonus is a small booklet with a recompilation of what I think will be the most useful remedies and their allies. Remedy relationships predict the direction of movement in the case and point you to the most common remedies that could follow or complement the action of each other. They are a shortcut for you and will make a very important accessory to the dosing mastery This is a big part of the Banerji Protocols; you should know about it!

  • Cristina's mini Remedy Relationship Booklet (usually valued at £75) 
  • Cristina's Remedy Relationship Support Booklet to help you navigate the guide with ease!

Cristina's guide to Remedy Relationships!


With this course, you will access both of Cristina's masterclasses. For a peek inside Cristina's mind and methodology

  •  The advanced Masterclass on Cristina’s method of putting a prescription together and how the case process is connected to the final prescription. 
  • The beginner masterclass will show you new ideas about how dosing works and illustrate how the old parameters are wrong in a framework of time and space. Learn what dosing is all about and the common mistakes people make when dosing.

Bonus Masterclass lectures!


All members of the Villacorta Academy have exclusive access to OHM pharmacy as Cristina's students, and have a 15% off all orders which is automatically applied at checkout!

  • The access to the pharmacy is unlocked upon completion of any of Cristina's courses.
  • The 15% discount is automatically applied at checkout when purchasing.

Exclusive Access to OHM Pharmacy and 15% off


Following and analysing successful homeopathic methodologies over time. No more " the masters say"! Let's look at what is working or not.


Helping you to interpret that information and present application of those concepts and myth-busting.
Critical analysis of the facts.

Critical thinking

Merging the pioneering work of previous homeopaths that have worked on understanding homeopathy on a multilevel system and merging it all together.








The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

If you are new to homeopathy, this will lay a solid foundation for homeopathy to make you confident and empower you to prescribe from an objective and methodical system. 

If you already have some knowledge of homeopathy, have taken some online courses, or are a homeopath, this will teach you something completely different from what you have already been taught. 

This course will help you to understand homeopathy from an entirely different perspective. Wherever you are, this course will help you in your homeopathic learning!

Understanding the Banerji protocols from a broader homeopathic perspective, not just mechanically

A solid foundation working without fear of prescribing


"Cristina's teaching style is so accessible and supportive, and most importantly what she teaches makes sense! As well as giving me the courage to prescribe and follow my families case by myself, it taught me how to discern facts from dogmas and how to look at new information analytically."

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“I appreciate Cristina's no- nonsense approach to myths and other false teachings, sometimes you get so caught up in what you read in forums and facebook groups that it is difficult to find the truth and I ended up being too scared to give remedies without my homeopath. Dosing Mastery is an anti-dote to the fear and the only tool you will need to cut through the BS! ”

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“The measure of a man is what he does with power.”

-- Plato

Start building your toolbox now:

Understand the foundations of homeopathy in a different light

Have an actionable plan to prescribe on several layers simultaneously

Have a sound methodology system that allows you to understand the basis of prescribing with a multi-methodology approach

Understand be basics of dosing using the Banerji protocols

Debunk the myth of provings, aggravations and antidoting with logic

Feel confident with the knowledge you have

By the end you will be able to...


This course is one of its kind…

It will shake the foundations of what you already know and help you think with a different mindset from what you have been taught.

You will learn new and novel concepts, which will help you to breach the traditional concepts in homeopathy with the more advanced methodology. It integrates progressive ideas in homeopathic thinking, where everything merges together.

Maybe you are thinking- that sounds like too much theory! It sounds too complicated. But do not worry! I teach it in a simple and easy-to-follow structure, and I break it down into small, simple, easy-to-follow bite-size lessons. You will get what you need, whether you are a beginner or advanced. I assure you that there is nothing complicated in my way of teaching.







You will be taught through various forms of content, so whatever kind of learner you are there will be something for you! The content is divided into:

So what will I get?

2. Coursework 

3. A little bit of independent study ( note taking during the videos and revision)

4. Bonus materials including helpsheets, posters, information leaflets and more

5. Final Quizzes

6. There is also a further reading list included with every course so you can expand your knowledge. 

1. Professionally recorded teaching videos recorded with a voiceover artist and illustrated with PowerPoint 

have questions? Read the FAQ's Here

Remember that you also have lifetime access to all materials in the course whenever you want them and everything that you need to complete the course is included for you!

Let’s take a sneak peak at what the course content looks like!

Feeling Curious?

^ Use your mouse to scroll and see the slide show^

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

This Program includes everything that you need to elevate your knowledge.

Consider this course your secret weapon to contextualise all the information you can’t quite make sense of and link together all the concepts that will build your understanding of Dosing.

This      for you if:

You are someone like me, who enjoys thinking outside of the box

You feel that there is only one single right remedy per prescription

You would like to learn what is the unity behind different methodologies

You do not want to expand behind the knowledge that you have been taught

You are looking to elevate your present knowledge of homeopathy

It's probably        for you if...

You do not want to use the Banerji Protocols



Let's do this thing.


Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some training under your belt, there’s a Dosing Mastery solution that meets you wherever you are at!
Each plan is curated by my team and me to ensure you have all the tools you need to get the desired results.

If Dosing Mastery The Advanced course sounds good, but you would like a grounding in Cristina’s methodology and her teachings on the basics, then Dosing Mastery The Complete Solution is perfect!

Dosing Mastery Advanced 

Enrolment Now Closed

this course!

select the plan that works for you:

Dosing Mastery The Advanced is an in-depth course to understand my methodology and dosing in general in a wider context, through philosophical aspects of homoeopathy and visionary homoeopaths just like me that set the foundations of what I do today. The course will tie in with the Dosing Mastery Foundations course and serve as a stand-alone for those who want to understand my philosophy of practice.

  • Modules 4-6 + Intro Module
  • 10 Professionally Recorded Concise Video Content Lessons
  • 8 Downloadable Guided Workbooks
  • 1 Masterclass Lecture
  • 3 Complete Module Transcripts
  • Over 25 Supporting Materials  
  • 2 Module Assessments
  • 3 Annotated Case Studies 
  • Extensive Further Reading Lists
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  •  Access to members-only Support Consultations
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access forever!

Dosing Mastery The Foundations

learn more here

Dosing Mastery The Complete Solution

learn more here

not the right course? 

then how about these...

  •  Modules 1-6 + Intro Module
  • 21 Professionally Recorded Concise Video Content Lessons
  • 16 Downloadable Guided Workbooks
  • 2 Masterclass Lectures 
  • 8 Complete Module Transcripts
  • Over 45 Supporting Materials  
  • 5 Module Assessments
  • 7 Annotated Case Studies 
  • Extensive Further Reading Lists
  • All available Bonuses
  •  Access to members-only Support Consultations
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access forever!

  • Modules 1-3 + Intro Module
  • 12 Professionally Recorded Concise Video Content Lessons
  • 10 Downloadable Guided Workbooks
  • 1 Masterclass Lecture
  • 4 Complete Module Transcripts
  • Over 25 Supporting Materials  
  • 3 Module Assessments
  • 4 Annotated Case Studies 
  • Extensive Further Reading Lists
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  •  Access to members-only Support Consultations
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access forever!

The full course!

Yes it is a self-study program, however, students who buy the course will have access to book Cristina's members-only support consultations at an exclusive price. These sessions provide the opportunity to have 1:1 sessions with Cristina if you would like further guidance on a course topic or if you would like to extend your knowledge.

Is it a self study course?

No everything that is needed is provided for you including workbooks, posters, helpsheets and more! There is however a further reading list included at the end of each course if you wish to extend your knowledge.

Will I need to purchase any additional resources to complete the course?

No, each course is self-paced . You have lifetime access to all materials on the course, so you can work through the lessons at your own speed!

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

If you have a good sound knowledge of homeopathy but are looking at understanding different methodologies, the advanced part of the course is probably for you. Or, If you would like to learn the science and reasoning behind working with the Banerji Protocols or a layered method, then Dosing Mastery The Advanced course will be the right for you!

What if I only want to learn about your methodologies and ways of working instead of the foundations of dosing?

This is a great way to start learning homeopathy! You will begin learning homeopathy with a sound foundation based on modern application of the theory and without any fearful teachings.

If you have been doing homeopathic courses online but still lack the understanding of how to assess if your prescriptions are working. Or you have taken several protocols but do not know what they have done or how to proceed. Then Dosing Mastery The Foundations or Dosing Mastery The Complete Solution is going to be perfect for you.

What if I am a total beginner?

That is great! But the content I teach is an updated version of the old foundations within a framework built on logic, clinical experience and the evolution of science to the present day. I teach something completely different to what most teach already as I work with multiple layers simultaneously.

What if I already know how to dose?

Yes! We are proud of our content, and we want you to enjoy it. That is why we offer a three-day refund period for all our courses, minus the administration and payment processing fees.

We are happy to refund any course if you feel that after purchasing the material, if you feel dissatisfied with the content- as long as you have not watched more than two lessons from the 1st Teaching Module or downloaded any digital content. All lectures must be completed to move to the next, and all downloads are recorded. Otherwise, the guarantee becomes null and void.

Do you offer refunds or guarantees?

The course materials are provided in the form of professionally recorded video content. The video lessons are not webinar recordings, they are professional pre-recorded teaching videos recorded with a voiceover artist and illustrated with PowerPoint. There are also written transcriptions, and a large number of course worksheets and bonus materials. So however you learn, we have you covered!

What format is the course content delivered in?

Yes, Dosing Mastery: The Complete Solution is designed to encompass all material for both Dosing Mastery: Foundations and Dosing Mastery: Advanced. If you already have the Foundation or the Advanced and would like to have the rest of the content, then purchase the Advanced or the Foundation, instead of Dosing Mastery: The Complete Solution.

I already have Dosing mastery, the Beginner or the advanced. Will there be an overlap?

How does lifetime access sound? Once you purchase the course, it is yours to keep forever! Many students like to review the lessons or go back through materials as they develop their knowledge, so the course will be here whenever you need it permanently.

How long will I have access to this course?

Yes!! I am confident that wherever you are in your homeopathic learning, you will still find something new in the Dosing Mastery early modules. Some of the content I teach is novel, and you will not find any of this in any homeopathic school or foundation course. I will teach you my own unique way to navigate symptoms and remedies together in a prescription and show you my own plan.

I already have some knowledge of homeopathy. Is it worth getting the Complete Dosing Mastery the Complete solution instead of Dosing Mastery Advanced?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not worry about this at all! The quizzes are designed to be a learning aid to you , to help you develop and solidify your knowledge. There is no need to be nervous! Each quiz can be taken as many times as you need and nothing happens if you do not succeed the first time, in fact that is where the most learning will happen!

Are the Quizzes graded and what happens if I fail?

It is difficult to give an estimate of how many hours of content are included as each lesson is comprised of 3 parts ( a video, coursework and independent study (then there are also the quizzes and bonus materials!). However we recommend covering one module per week to give yourself enough time to absorb everything and then attempt the final quiz at the end of the week. 

How many hours of content are included?

Yes! We provide an internally accredited Certificate Of Completion, which will be required to join Cristina’s next project or for CPD.

Do you provide a certificate?

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